Establishing your business website helps build stable grounding online, and develop permanence in a medium where stable visibility means everything. At The Marketing Dr, our online Marketing Specialists recognize the ongoing importance of websites and introduce ways to further boost your online presence.

Online directories are nearly as old as the internet itself. Directories serve a valuable purpose for customers and search engines alike being a reliable source for business listings. It continues to be important to maintain a stable internet presence for the success of any business seeking customers online.

Every successful business has room to improve. Lots of business owners are successful because of a special interest or skill that they’ve nurtured and developed into a thriving and profitable enterprise. Finding the right consultant for your enterprise can help you uncover hidden potential for growth in your revenue and the health of your business. 

Recent estimates show that internet users in the U.S. watch roughly 75 million videos every day. Video is one of the most influential forms of communication in and out of popular culture. Streaming newscasts, television shows, popular clips, or making our own independent shorts have all been woven into our cultural fabric.

Social media is an excellent way to engage with current and potential customers. With over 800 million active users, Facebook provides a great forum to reach online audiences with updates about your business. Call The Marketing Dr and talk to a Marketing Specialist about how Social Media can increase your exposure to online shoppers.

If you’ve ever bothered to look for blogs online, your first impression of them may be that they’re mostly for mommies, teens, and hobbyists. While it’s true that blog topics can be as numerous as the writers themselves, they can be a distinctive marketing tool. Blogs can be a useful tool for small businesses to spread the word about their goals, achievements and expertise.

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We put customers into two groups: those our clients know about, and the potential ones they don’t. By optimizing our client’s online presence we are able to deliver more unknown customers to their business, such as the Emergency Buyer or the Comparison Shopper. Our mission is to boost the online presence of our clients to connect them with the customers looking for their products or service online. Using our proprietary Local Online Marketing roadmap to success we help our clients grow their businesses.

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